What does it mean to be In Process? 

I am in process.

I will not be still.  I have not arrived and I cannot stay the same.  

I want more of God.  

I want more of myself - to embrace the fullness of who He made me to be. 

I want more from the people around me - to give more of Him, to gain more of Him.  

I want more from this world - to look more like His Kingdom.  

And, in all my wanting, I will not forget that what I want is is found in the process.

I will embrace and accept the messiness of life and growth and learning because it is in this process that I gain all that I seek.  

It is in this process that God will reveal both Himself and me, and together, the both of us will be unstoppable. 


The 3 Bs 

When you know how deeply you belong, you will begin to believe what He says about you, and you can spend your life embracing the process of becoming who you already are.



Fabienne Harford is a coach, teacher and writer who offers personal coaching, counseling, training, & resources to help organizations and individuals grow in their relationships, development, & skills. 

Fabienne Harford holds a Masters in Science with Distinction in Mental Health with a focus on Cultural and Global Perspectives, a Bachelors in English and is certified in personality analysis.  She has worked in multiple roles across a variety of industries including social work, spiritual counseling, management, curriculum development, consulting, writing, and speaking.  You can find more about her on her blog at fabsharford.com.