After a roof over your head and a safe place to live your most essential need is to belong.  Our interactions with those around us and our society, group-membership, shapes us more than we can imagine.  Navigating the challenges that come from transitioning across cultures that come from marriage, moving, adoption is a critical part of our psychological health.  Organizations, churches, even families all have their own unique culture and it's important to know what culture you're creating and if it lines up with your vision.  


Our beliefs about God or the world around us are important, but so are our beliefs about ourselves.  We must love ourselves, experience respect and dignity and give it to

others.  Resources and services that are devoted to helping us believe in our own worth focus on using our emotions to transform and navigating those lies we believe about self and others. 


Once we are standing on a firm foundation of security, belonging and confidence in our identity, we are ready to refine our skills, strengths and lives to channel our potential into living our best life.  Services designed to help with belonging include time management tools and resources, goal setting, strengths & personality exploration.  

Counseling, resources, training in these three areas!