With experience in social work, biblical counseling, personality & communication, and cultural perspectives in mental health, IPC specializes in managing and transforming emotions, navigating cultural dynamics, as well as working through grief and disappointment.  Remote & in person appointments available. Learn more here.


Whether it’s personality and team dynamics, strategic planning for your organization, or cultural consulting to establish where your processes, systems might be diverging from your values, IPC will get to know your organization and help you continue to flourish! Let us know a little more about what you’re looking for here.


We love helping create environments where challenging or complicated topics can become clear and relevant. For Spiritual organizations, we translate the deep and glorious truths of God in a way that feels relevant and real. IPC also offers teaching on culture, grief, shame and emotions. If you are interested in learning more about having Fabienne speak at your conference, organization or group, please fill out this form !

You can see a sample of my speaking from Breakaway Ministries in College Station.