Lean in to the tension

There is so much division and so much fear of disagreement running wild in the world right now, but we who claim this Gospel know that the blood of Jesus has broken down the dividing wall of hostility and we are free and safe to wrestle.  And all I want to do this year for Women's Thing is carve out a little room in a corner of Austin where you can come for a few hours one night and practice being honest with yourself and others about the questions, fears and thoughts you have; where you can come and all of us can get a little better at listening and living in the tension of disagreement.

Join us on June for a panel discussion with some legit women (Kimberly Stewart, Dr. Andrea Holman, Anna Sargeant) and space and room to process and wrestle.

  • Tuesday, June 25 @ 7 PM

  • Mercury Hall

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